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  • New Burger Joint On The Block

    Original Article: Chef Burak Ozdemir’s CZNBurak Burger restaurant, which merges traditional Turkish flavours with modern concepts, is now open in Dubai Mall After the grand opening of the brand’s first restaurant outside of Turkey, CZNBurak continues its expansion plan in the region with a new dining concept from the social media sensation, Chef Burak Ozdemir. Opened on August 15 in Dubai Mall, CZNBurak Burger offers a new cuisine venture designed to revamp the casual dining scene in Dubai and combine it with the Turkish flavours created by Chef Burak. Under the Dives Holding portfolio, the brand is looking forward to open more F&B outlets in the future. About his new restaurant concept, Chef Burak says: “There’s no limit to what we can create with flavours, and exploring new food ventures has been my passion since I started in this industry. With CZNBurak Burger, we’re expanding our relationship with our customers through food, bringing them a renovated concept of a popular cuisine with my special interpretation.” Merging traditional Turkish flavours with the modern interpretation of food experiences and social gatherings, CZNBurak Burger will be an immersive experience for customers. A space meant for friends and families,the restaurant will serve as the perfect place to rewind and reconnect. Featuring Chef Burak’s staple flavours, the menu brings a perfect balance between the international definition of the burger and the creative blend of Turkish concepts. Chef Burak has improvised his menu and uses premium black angus, locally sourced halal kofta, pure angus beef hotdog, in addition to vegetarian options with a soya bean patty, all topped with CZNBurak’s special sauce and Arabic condiments such as Tahini. Children too can enjoy their own kiddie meals, and they will be provided with a special CZNBurak figurine. For desserts, customers can indulge in the CZN kunafa bun, ice cream and a variety of flavoured shakes including CZN-Licious with kunafa and pistachio, peanut butter shake, oreo shake and many other options. With an innovative, first-of-its-kind 3D QR Menu in the UAE powered by foodAppers, CZNBurak Burger provides customers with a high-tech experience. This new addition to the competitive F&B landscape in Dubai, is the latest step in Dives Holding’s expansion plan in the region, creating sustainable brands where the main focus is the introduction of new ideas while keeping a sense of authenticity to the offerings. Dives Holding comes with ambitious plans, fuelled by an extensive experience in the regional and international food and beverage scene. Chairman Rizgar Sak explains: “Launching a successful franchise requires a combination of several factors, although the food is the most important offering, many aspects need to be taken in consideration before laying out the menu such as studying your market, customers’ expectations, population diversity, current industry trends and competition, these elements and others contribute to the success of the outlet concept, and should be thoroughly studied to entice investors and give them a sense of guarantee regarding their return.” Choosing Dubai as a platform to launch its food and beverage business, Dives Holding acknowledges the important role this city plays, not only in fostering and supporting companies, but also as a playground where international brands prove the strength of their models facing a diverse audience covering every possible taste and background, making success in Dubai a good indicator for potential success in other metropolitan cities around the world. Sak adds: “As challenging as this current situation can be on all businesses, deciding to launch our brand in Dubai was the right decision to make, we can’t imagine being in any other place and sailing through a pandemic while necessary measures and regulations are implemented not only to guarantee the safety of people, but also to make sure businesses don’t take any more losses. As for future aspirations, Dubai represents to us a gateway to the world, where our brands will get to grow in healthy economic environment, proving its concept as a solid and sustainable business model which will open the door to us for more opportunities and provide profitable investments for our shareholders.” The upcoming step in Dives Holding plan to bring CZNBurak Burger closer to its customers will be the opening of a second outlet in Dubai Hills, with several openings for CZNBurak restaurant across the GCC.

  • Famous Business Person Rızgar Sak is among the most searched names on Google in the world

    Famous businessman Rizgar Sak, after achieving success in Dubai, London, Qatar, and Gulf Arab countries, is now expanding globally. As the Chairman of Dives Holding, which is preparing to open branches in London, America, and many countries around the world, Rizgar Sak ranks high on the list of businesspeople contributing most to the economy. Sak, whose achievements have not gone unnoticed by economists, has also dedicated himself to enhancing his success through various social responsibility projects. Famous Businessman Rizgar Sak has become a focal point of interest worldwide, alongside CZN Burak and many brands affiliated with Dives Holding, following their successes in Dubai, Qatar, and other Gulf Arab countries. In September 2021, the successful businessman Rizgar Sak was among the most searched names on Google, and he is also the Chairman of Dives Holding. Besides his successful endeavors in Dubai, Rizgar Sak is also preparing to open branches in several countries, including London, solidifying his reputation through his social responsibility projects. Rizgar Sak stated, "When we look at the global scale, the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. During this process of preparing to open branches in many countries, we will hire personnel through an in-company personnel training program, even in fields where they may not have experience. By providing new skills and experiences, we aim to create capable professionals, offering an alternative solution to unemployment." Regarding being on Google's most searched list, Rizgar Sak said, "It is an honor. It is my greatest mission to crown every success we achieve with social responsibility projects." Who is Rizgar Sak, Chairman of DIVES Holding? Born on October 20, 1976, Rizgar Sak has been involved in the food and beverage, carpet trade, real estate, and logistics sectors through his family business in Erbil since the late 1990s. In 1995, he began his career by taking over the family business with his brothers and embarked on a vision of global expansion and further extension of their branches. Over the years, he continued to operate in various sectors such as real estate, trade, logistics, hotel management, and customer services, with activities based in Turkey, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. In 2020, Sak founded Dives Holding, driven by a growth vision in the Gulf Arab countries, which is a key market for the CZN Burak brand, one of Dubai's leading food and beverage companies. A firm believer in corporate social responsibility, Sak has been involved in various charity projects, supporting high-potential students and emphasizing education to create a more socially conscious business model. He regularly donates food to various aid organizations and provides scholarships to reinforce this awareness. As the President of Dives Holding, Sak's new initiatives involve bringing popular brands with shared values that he has promised throughout his career under the company's umbrella, thus preparing the ground for a more sustainable business model that benefits communities. Sak's experience in the service sector has strengthened his competitiveness and made Dives Holding one of the key players in the region. A father of three children, Sak enjoys swimming, outdoor sports, and other outdoor activities in his spare time.

  • Famous Turkish Chef CZN Burak launches mobile game titled ‘CZN Burak – The Game’

    CZN Burak, the world-renowned Turkish chef, has launched his own mobile game titled “CZN Burak – The Game”. Although the game itself was announced all the way back in April this year, news of the game’s launch would nonetheless come as a surprise to many in the mobile gaming community. Read on to know more details about this exciting development. CZN Burak – The Game has been developed by Boss Bunny The game is reportedly developed by Boss Bunny, an Abu Dhabi-based game developer in collaboration with Dives Holding. Boss Bunny was founded in 2020 and the company is fully focused on creating free-to-play mobile games. The game will be available to all Android and iOS devices all around the game as the main of the game is to “entertain fans all around the world while introducing them to a world of action, fun, and adventure”. The game itself features CZN Burak as the main character. Burak is a superhero character who has to battle through a variety of different levels and bosses. Players can collect coins and upgrade Burak’s skills. The skills in the game seem to mimic cooking recipes. Some examples of skills in the game include the “Blackened Burger”, the “Mini Tikka Tower” and many more. In addition to battling tough bosses, players will also have to feed the people in-game on a regular basis. Early reviews pouring in for the game have praised the game for its simplistic nature. The game itself features a unique art style that is easy on the eye. Undoubtedly, the game will only further Burak’s popularity among his fans around the globe. The size of the game is around 103 MB. The game is currently available through Google Play, App Store, and App Gallery.

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