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Famous Turkish Chef CZN Burak launches mobile game titled ‘CZN Burak – The Game’

CZN Burak, the world-renowned Turkish chef, has launched his own mobile game titled “CZN Burak – The Game”. Although the game itself was announced all the way back in April this year, news of the game’s launch would nonetheless come as a surprise to many in the mobile gaming community. Read on to know more details about this exciting development.

CZN Burak – The Game has been developed by Boss Bunny

The game is reportedly developed by Boss Bunny, an Abu Dhabi-based game developer in collaboration with Dives Holding. Boss Bunny was founded in 2020 and the company is fully focused on creating free-to-play mobile games. The game will be available to all Android and iOS devices all around the game as the main of the game is to “entertain fans all around the world while introducing them to a world of action, fun, and adventure”.

The game itself features CZN Burak as the main character. Burak is a superhero character who has to battle through a variety of different levels and bosses. Players can collect coins and upgrade Burak’s skills. The skills in the game seem to mimic cooking recipes.

Some examples of skills in the game include the “Blackened Burger”, the “Mini Tikka Tower” and many more. In addition to battling tough bosses, players will also have to feed the people in-game on a regular basis. Early reviews pouring in for the game have praised the game for its simplistic nature.

The game itself features a unique art style that is easy on the eye. Undoubtedly, the game will only further Burak’s popularity among his fans around the globe. The size of the game is around 103 MB. The game is currently available through Google Play, App Store, and App Gallery.

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